Saturday, August 26, 2006

Picture 20 (CA-MG-CA, August 06)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Picture 19 (CA- June 06)

Picture 18 (CA- June 06)

Picture 17 (CA- June 06)

Picture 16 (CA- June 06)

Picture 15 (CA- June 06)

Picture 14 (MG-CA June 06)
Picture 13 (MG-CA June 06)

Picture 12 (MG-CA June 06)

Picture 11 (MG-CA June 06)
Picture 10 (MG-CA June 06)

Picture 9 (MG- May 06)

Picture 8 (MG- May 06)

Picture 7 (MG- May 06)

Picture 6 (MG- May 06)

Picture 5 (MG- May 06)
Picture 4 (CA-MG-CA first batch)

Picture 2 (CA-MG- first batch early 06)

Picture 1 (CA-MG-CA- original batch early 06)

Carol Archer and Mary Grehan - collaborative works in the making

Carol Archer and Mary Grehan met in Kyoto in the early nineties, and have spent time together at Carol's place near Bulahdelah in Australia and at Mary's place before she moved from Dublin to Waterford. Mary and Carol decided to collaborate artistically in late 2006, producing works on paper, for the "Reciprocal Interference" art project. The project entails a number of artistic partnerships between women- artist- friends. There are no limits on subject matter or media, but the size of works is limited to A4 -a size that is easy to mail and to scan. The procedure is straightforward. One partner sends her "starts"- slight beginnings, unresolved works, "failures" - to the other artist. The other artist adds something to these works, before sending them back to their originator for finishing (if necessary). Along with the works she has "interfered with", she sends a number of her own "starts". And so the process proceeds. This site includes works in progress by Mary and Carol, scanned at different stages of their development, as well as works that are deemed finished by their originator.