Friday, March 16, 2007

Mary Grehan: Reflections on the Reciprocal Interfence Project

The Reciprocal Interference Project is a visual dialogue, in my case, across many miles and time zones. When I sit down to respond to Carol's 'starts', I do not speculate upon her intentions, where she was heading with it. We do not supply any background information or statement with the images which is great. This would definitely colour my response. Instead, I respond intuitively in a visual language to the image in hand. I ask myself 'What does it need? Where can I bring it?' I might fill gaps, build more layers over the first layer, partially hide or destroy the image, create more emphasis of the existing line or shape, intensify or change the colour, or add something quite contrary to the existing image. All these are strategies for a response and some of them cause me to work in a way that is quite different to the way I would work if I was the sole author of the piece. It is more difficult when the image I receive feels complete. Some images feel more 'open' to an intervention than others. The 'call and response' nature of the process means that one cannot embark upon it with a fixed image of the outcome in one's head. Once we send off the start or the partially worked piece, we relinquish all control over the final outcome. In this project, I am a follower and collaborator, and in this sense, I feel my creative resources are challenged.

Mary Grehan 15.3.07